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Choosing HCIS — Some Reasons

HCIS instills confidence with challenging activities

HCIS grooms future leaders with democratically electe student prefects

HCIS integrates academic and extra-curricular activities for holistic development

HCIS polishes inherent talent with exceptional visual and performing arts facilities

HCIS collaborates with the local community for community service projects

HCIS fosters camaraderie and teamwork with multi-dimensional sporting opportunities

HCIS forges strong close mentor - pupil relationships

HCIS enhances pupil's overall progress with a sound foundation

HCIS encourages parental involvement with numerous PTMs and constant communication

HCIS appoints highly qualified and experienced teaching staff from around the world

HCIS has a very clear discipline policy and procedure which does not tolerate any form of bullying

HCIS expects excellent behavior and instills the feeling of respect for everyone.

Special Features


Excellent Faculty

Subject Choices from Class XI onwards

Online Academics Results

Excellent Sport Facilities with Specialized Coaches

Strong Music, Art and Dance Department

Emphasis on IT and AV

Focus on Personality Development

Competent Medical Care

Provision for Remedial Classes

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