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The School is situated in a 2 in tranquil and verdant environs. The academic building is an impressive structure designed by a well-known group of architects Patna.

Conscious efforts are made to inculcate a diverse reading habit and develop effective communication skills. In the middle section (VI to VIII) teachers integrate technology into the learning process. In the senior section (IX to XII) the focus is on achieving good results at the boards examination.

Smart Classrooms

The classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated with ample light. Ergonomically designed furniture, white boards display boards, teaching aid displays and LCD projection equipment, facilitate the learning process. All classrooms are equipped with Interactive Smart Boards.

Establishing Excellence

Multi Activity Facilities : Multi-purpose Auditorium: Built for a seating capacity of 1500, this structure has a column-less reinforced concrete roofing to accommodate three rooftop tennis courts.

Amphitheatre: It is used by students for informal "stage performances.

Seminar Hall: A fully air-conditioned facility; it is equipped with a Computer, a Projector and a rolling white screen and natural as well as artificial lighting.

This is used for principal-parent meetings, guest lectures by various experts, seminars, prestigious inter-school events, knowledge sharing sessions etc.

Audio-Visual Room: Situated in the academic block, the audio-visual room is air-conditioned. It is equipped with a PC, Projector, wired / wireless mike and a stereo system. It is a perfect venue for presentations and Guest Lectures as well as House Competitions like debates, quizzes, declamations, extempore speaking and elocution, thus aiding in enhancing knowledge, confidence and motivating the student to become excellent orators.

Accepting Challenges

House System

The House System has a special relevance in HCIS. The houses compete regularly in a wide variety of fields like debates, quiz, dramatics, dance, music, sports etc. In fact, these activities test students to encourage them to exploit their hidden talents.

Perfectional Body

"Leaders aren't born they are made. And they are made through hard work". The students are the leaders of tomorrow. They must learn and teach to co-exist and become co-leaders in their movement and pledge for peace, progress and prosperity of their society. A team is as successful as the leader and the leader should be able to command respect from his team.

The student leaders of HCIS are selected and groomed to assume many responsibilities and play important leadership roles. They receive and accept these positions as 'Prefects' - to make a difference in their own lives and the life of their fellow students. At HCIS, the prefects learn to lead by example. They work with everyone else and appreciate the gift of team effort. They do the mantle of responsibilities and pledge to dispense their duties to the best of their abilities. They are trained to strive for excellence through perseverance, boundless energy and relentless commitment in the face of all challenges.

Creative Writing and Public Speaking

HCIS provides opportunities galore for creative writing, debates, elocutions and declamations, which improves oratorical skills. Confidence and eloquence in public speaking is tenderly nurtured. More importantly, girls are encouraged to exhibit these skills. They are escorted to witness various cultural programmes and sent to represent the school in co-curricular fixtures hosted by others chools.

Nurturing Home


HCIS prime importance is given to health. The School's Infirmary is manned by qualified medical and nursing staff.

24 Hour Security

HCIS is a safe and secure place for students. The school is surrounded by a high security boundary wall reinforced at the top with electrified fencing.

CCTV cameras are positioned at all entrances and exits to monitor all activities, primarily to complement the non invasive security system in the campus without interfering with the privacy of students.

In addition, well-trained male and female security guards patrol the area 24x7. Short-range communication system with security guards, adequate security lighting around the campus and a fool-proof power backup ensures impregnable security round the clock. No one can enter the premises without proper authorization, which is further verified. Prior to entering/exiting the facility, all persons are thoroughly checked. A firefighting system with highly sensitive alarms further strengthens the security.

Guiding Competently

A Committed Academic Body

The school has an extremely qualified and committed faculty. In fact, the already recruited staff has had exposure to international educational systems in India and abroad. They are trained in the activity-based learning and teaching method. In addition, lesson planning, classroom performance and contribution to co-curricular activities are under constant supervision of the Vice Principal and Principal themself who believe that the quality of teaching and learning must be of the highest order-day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and lesson-by-lesson. The school is also committed to staff development through a wide range of on-going in-service programmes and workshops, which cover not only academics and pedagogy but also areas such as career counseling. The staff and student ratio is 1:10. Hence, each child receives individual attention and feels comfortable to approach teachers for help in and out of classrooms.

The school management

The school management is very particular about the people who interact with and take care of our children. That's why they ensure that everyone who works here is thoroughly verified and we have a complete record of their past and present. What's more, we also ensure that access to certain key facilities is limited only to female staff.

Partnership with Parents

We understand that the parent's active participation in the activities of the school is essential if we are to flourish as a school community. We would like the parent's experience to be a positive one. Parents are kept informed of all school events through a newsletter and regular updating of the School's website. They follow their child's progress through regular and detailed school reports. The school also welcomes parents to visit the school to discuss matters of concern with Class Teacher. This way we ensure that everyone contributes to the outstanding development of students.

Finishing Classes

Holy Cross International School, we expect a high level of politeness, decorum and personal presentation at times and that's why we have engaged experts to train on Art of Etiquette. The emphasis is on areas such as Total Personality Development, Social Etiquette, Confidence Building, Body Language, Art of Dressing, Accent Training, understanding Family Values, Discipline at Home and at School, Peer Pressures and HGVV. These classes are onducted by professionals on a regular basis.

Stress that they may feel-be it due to home sickness, learning proper time management, resolving inter personal relationship issues or nervousness because of examinations are tackled and overcome.

Overall personality grooming and etiquette sessions are conducted frequently in order to model confident, accomplished and polished young ladies who are perfect in every sphere — "Sarva Gunn Sampann".

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