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Pupils must be present in school before the assembly commences

• All pupils must be present in the school on the first and last day of each term. Parents’ co-operation is essential in this matter.

• Irregular attendance may lead to dismissal of a pupil.

• A student could be suspended for a fortnight for Truancy or Bunking classes.

• No pupil may leave the school premises except by special permission from the Principal. If found doing otherwise he/she could be suspended for a fortnight or more.

• A student should have at least minimum 80% class days attendance per term/academic year, failing which the student may be detained in the same class.

• However the minimum requirement may be reduced at the discretion of the Principal/Director to 75% subject to some valid reason viz. prolonged illness of the students or bereavement in the family. For this proven records would have to be produced, before consideration.

• Attendance below 70% will not be considered at any cost. In which case a student may be detained or withdrawn.

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