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Celebrating Harmony

Music, Dance and Theater

Both Western and Indian Music styles are taught in equal measure to students at HCIS to develop their skills and musical appreciation. Indian music combines with the eternal culture of prayer and meditation. Western music is vibrant and varied in form and style. The school choir specializes in both Hindi and Western music under the direct tutelage of several members of the Music Department. Every effort is made to ensure each child takes part in at least one activity at the annual cultural event to develop their confidence on stage.

Western Music

Western vocal and instrumental music is immensely popular here. Instruments like keyboards, guitar and drums.

Indian Dance

The Indian dance reflects the rich culture of India. It helps students to develop their posture, concentration and confidence. Ample opportunity to learn Indian Classical and Folk Dance is provided. Some of the classical dance forms taught are Kathak and Bharatnatyam. Different folk dance traditions that are passed down generations across different cultures to celebrate important occasions are enthusiastically learnt and taught.

Western Dance

Western dance is vibrant and helps girls to increase their stamina as a viable form of exercise.

Clubs and Societies

The school has various clubs and societies like Nature Club, Dramatics Club, Adventure Club, IT Club, General Knowledge Club, Mathematics Club, Computer Graphic Club, Literary Club, Cultural Society and Fine Arts Society. These clubs and societies help students expertise in varied academic subjects as well as develop interest in other areas like multimedia, web designing, film making, photography,videography, stage performances etc.

Celebration of Festivals

Our students are groomed to be modern in outlook, yet be proud and appreciative of their rich heritage and imbibe a strong value system based on mutual respect for other cultures and traditions. Thus we celebrate all festivals with equal reverence and fervor.

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