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Manners & Good Habits

1. Don't shake your legs.

2. Don't chew with your mouth open or make a smacking sound while chewing.

3. Don't push anyone especially your elders, teachers etc.

4. Say 'sorry' if you make a mistake.

5. Don't dig your nose.

6. Don't shout.

7. Don't use bad language.

8. Don't steal.

9. Don't stuff your mouth. Take small amounts of food in your mouth.

10. Don't belch. If you do say 'Excuse me' or 'Sorry'.

11. Don't pull, push, kick or play roughly.

12. When you sneeze say 'Sorry' or 'excuse me'.

13. Cough or Sneeze into your hanky.

14. Put your hand to your mouth when you yawn.

15. Blow your nose using your hanky.

16. Sit straight with your legs together.

17. Girls should sit with their legs together and their skirt neatly drawn over the knees in a lady- like manner.

18. Don't stare or stand around when elders are talking.

19. Don't laugh if someone has fallen down or made a mistake.

20. Don't tell lies.

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